GENEALOGY WORKSHEET THIS WORKING SHEET IS NOT AN APPLICATION Your Full Name I was born on married on to died or divorced died at born on at I am the daughter of born on and his first or Married Date Place wife 3. The said was the child of ANCESTOR S SERVICES who resided during the American Revolution at assisted in establishing American Independence while acting in the capacity of My Ancestor s services during the Revolutionary War were as follows Give source for ancestor s service above....
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Who needs a form RGG 1001?

This form is issued by the Daughters of American Revolution for applicants who are eager to learn more about their ancestors. Sometimes they need to prove they are related to a lineal descent who participated in the American Revolution in order to become a member of DAR.

What is form RGG 1001 for?

DAR sends out these application in response to a Member Interest form. Applicants submit it when they seek help in genealogical research. DAR has a solid database with the names and dates of birth/death of soldiers, officers, volunteers, military medics who made their contribution to the American Revolution.

Is it accompanied by other forms?

As there are names and vital records of relatives that track your connection with the revolutionary, the applicant must provide the resources to prove that the information is correct.

When is form RGG 1001 due?

There is no due date to this application. As soon as you gather and organize your resources, you will receive help in your genealogical research and a DAR membership.

How do I fill out a form RGG 1001?

Fill out a genealogical worksheet first. It consists of the text with blanks you need to fill in. If you just started your research, the text will give you clues whom you should be looking for to prove your connection with the revolutionary. When you are done, describe your ancestor’s revolutionary services that you know of and attach documents that you already got as an evidence for your application.

Where do I send it?

Send it to the nearest DAR chapter.

Video instructions and help with filling out and completing genealogy worksheet

One of the best features of Excel is that so many genealogy based websites allow us to download or export search results to a CSV format and you can also do this with your genealogy management software at least the one I use which is legacy family tree if you're working with a search result that you want to incorporate into your research perhaps your one name study or you're one play study maybe it's entries from various grave and cemetery online resources that you want to expand or confirm the entries for your own cemetery project whatever your reason instead of manually transcribing the information from a website you can often download or export it some provide a simple method to do that familysearch the US veterans grave site locator and free BMD UK org are just a few examples for other websites a bit of playing around can often yield the same results it just takes a bit more work one thing to always check is whether the website allows you to download or export the data so check the terms and conditions most sites do not allow the wholesale downloading of their data so keep that in mind with your projects and realize that you might not be able to use a scraper with that in mind example 10 is to take advantage of the download or export feature at many of these genealogy websites let's see how to download clean up and make use of search results the worksheets for example 10 provide the steps to export search results from Family Search which has a built-in feature if you have a family search account now remember that family search is free and has many indexes and images online that are just waiting for you to access them second we're going to take a look at what the raw export information looks like and that's the search results in CSV or perhaps in a notepad format and then we're going to save those to an Excel worksheet and third we're going to take a look at what the worksheet looks like once we've cleaned it up and used a few features for instance text to columns for our data now how you manipulate your Excel worksheet is up to you and your needs let's get started 10a provides the download steps if we were to download information from and this is the example that I've given you for find A Grave results and those are the index results found at familysearch and as I mentioned if you want to use the export feature and family search you need to have an account but the account is free why not get it let's go directly to so the first thing that we're going to need to do is sign into our account and once you do that we go to search records now what I'm going to do is type in my surname you can type in your own and search now in this instance one other thing that I want to do is make sure that I match my search results exactly so I'm going to update that here because I don't want any of the other spellings of Keo now instead of looking through the seventy nine thousand records that family search has I'm going to go...